help us by sharing your memories!

Part of the success of First-Hand Aid is the great word of mouth our travelers have passed on to others. To many volunteers only one trip has ignited a new passion for giving to those that need the most in Havana, Cuba. With today’s social media and excellent smart phone cameras everyone is able to capture great moments and we want you to share them with us! A picture is worth a thousand words so please give us a hand by sharing those special moments.

So how do we share? Option 1: #Hashtags


To all those Instagram users please use the #firsthandaid tag on your pictures to show the world your adventure. Those pictures will be populated in the Volunteer Submitted Pics page as they are added by you our travelers.

Option 2: Browser Upload

We understand that not everyone uses social media, so we have created a form below that will launch an image up loader. Simply select the pictures that you want to submit to us and send away. Once you hit the Submit button, your selected pictures will be automatically sent to us. These pictures will also be posted in the Volunteer Submitted Pics page.

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