Our impact

2018 Another Year to Remember


Thanks to all of our volunteers and helpers both in the U.S. and Cuba we were able to reach out and make quite the impact on our friends in Havana. 


Five Fantastic Missions in 2017

What a great year it has been for First-Hand Aid.  Like every year that comes along it brings it's own challenges.  The recent hurricanes and storms that have battered the island has been very trying for the many people that inhabit this beautiful island.  First-Hand Aid has pushed through some difficult times and through the collaboration of our volunteers and great support from Cuba we have had a year to remember.  Like always we want to move forward and always look to the horizon as new projects develop to increase our presence in Havana and are excited to what the future holds.  Special thanks to all of our volunteers for making such a difference to so many.


None of this would have been possible without your help!

Thank you!