Reasons why you should attend Havana Night!

As First Hand Aid continues to monitor the conditions and happenings on both side of the ocean we are concerned about two things. Here the possibilities of tighter restrictions to travel and working on the island. Second the beginning of rationing food to the Cuban people by the Cuban government. This ration program is not like the previous one which was to give food at a reasonable cost to the people. This was limits what amounts a Cuban can purchase at a time.  We have heard concerns by many  of the Cubans that a second special period is coming to Cuba.
(link to first special period)
Reason Number 1:  First Hand Aids Food Program

                This program provides a meal 5 days a week to those older Cubans who are alone on the island and are house bound because of age, health or a combination of both. Our staff cooks, assembles and delivers food to these people while assessing their daily needs and health status. There are times when we are the only people to every visit them and lend a listening ear while giving them the food that they may never be able obtain on their own. 
Cost per person per month: $29.55
Cost per day for a meal; $1.34
Consider joining us for a night of celebration of our work in this program, as well as your work in this program.