Reason 2 for attending or donating to our Medicine Programs

Havana Night- Reason number 2 for attending or donating to our medicine programs

                  This time of year when we are constantly involved with spring projects like planting, grooming our yard, cutting trees and all of the other various projects.  We end or at times start our days with medicines that relieve our muscle aches and pains.  Aleve, Ibuprofen or just aspiring.

                  I often at my age find myself doing just this, especially on the weekends when I spend most of my time getting ready for summer.
                  Imagine if we did not have the simplest medicines to help us through our days. Cuba lacks these medicines most of the time.

                  First Hand Aid supplies and stocks 8 medical dispensaries with exactly these medicines. In addition to these over the counter medicines, we supply antibiotics, blood pressure medicines, cholesterol medicines and the most urgent and needed diabetic medicines. At times in Cuba these locations are the only places to obtain medicines. In fact often physicians themselves come to get medicines for their patients knowing these might be the only places that possess these items.

                  All of our dispensaries are staffed with volunteer Cuban physicians to give the best evaluations and needs as possible to the Cuban people.
                  This is a good reason to come to Havana Night, and for the small amount of money that we receive from you for attendance to the event we can purchase many types of medicine.